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On bent knees, hands held high,
heads bowed low in full surrender.
We send up our pleas into the sky,
hoping and waiting for a great defender.

We wait and wait for that great savior,
to enter our world and save the day.
We do what we can to stay in favor,
hoping that that savior will show us the way.

It's time we wake up and face the truth,
there's no savior, no heroes, they're all dead.
Look around at the world, its solid proof,
that its time to put those dreams to bed.

There's no "Almighty" up high on a throne,
making space for us in a golden land.
This is it, our one and only home.
No god, just your fellow mortal man.

We turn to government for a piece of relief,
hoping for us little people they will stand.
Keep reaching for them and you'll only get grief,
their agenda is above our small needy hands.

Who or what will save us from this all?
What do we do with our rage and despair?
As the world crumbles, and mankind falls,
what hero will stand and show they care?

There's two alternatives that will not fail.
One is to give up and surrender to the pain.
Accept its over, learn to live with this hell.
Face the fact that our existence is in vain.

Option two is two realize what we are.
The ages of gods and governments are history.
Take a look at ourselves instead of the stars,
because we are now in the age of humanity.

Its time to stop the wait and rise up and act.
Stop with all the religious prayer and meditation.
No longer give energy to these political quacks.
Instead give your fellow man that love and dedication.

End the debates about what some god said,
and stop with concerns of government policies.
Give the weary a place to lay their head,
stand and fight against worldly atrocities.

How about we all feed a starving child,
whose missing meals because of welfare reform.
Know that man god said was perverse and vile?
He'd appreciate our help to weather his storm.

It's time to realize our true capabilities,
to be the heroes that we desperately seek.
Realize we're above the silly hostilities,
together we can perform extraordinary feats.

Let's stop waiting, hoping, and dreaming.
Let's just become our own heroes.
Let's embrace the age of humanity.
Me2Smart4U Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
The contrast sets the mood for the whole poem.
it engages me to deeply feel the true emotions expressed
this is a very well written piece.. :headbang:
CoreyDevon Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.
Me2Smart4U Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
most welcome my friend:love:
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January 31, 2014


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